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Discussion in 'Feedback and Suggestions' started by MVP, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. MVP

    MVP Member

    The voting page should be a separate page where you can choose multiple links. And I liked how there used to be more sites to vote. Now there is only 2 :(. Please add more and fix the voting link at the top.

  2. MVP

    MVP Member

    If you want to add to this thread format like this:


    And I will gladly put your info into my thread. Thanks
  3. MVP

    MVP Member

    Oh yeah you should also include where use name and the "New Member" thing is, is Posts, date joined and like a small bio where folks can put their Usernames/info
  4. Drake Hubbard

    Drake Hubbard Co-Owner of Minetime

    • Administrator
    Sorry, accidentally deleted the first post, but it will be considered. The reason we don't have many links it to prevent people from getting too many items from voting. You should also just edit the first post rather than re-post, this could be considered "post spam" to increase your post count.
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  5. DEXsta101

    DEXsta101 Dedicated Minetimer

    But I love getting nine levels per day in zombie infection!

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