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Teamspeak Rules

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Archives' started by Exstatisfy, Oct 23, 2016.

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  1. Exstatisfy

    Exstatisfy Dedicated Minetimer

    May 22, 2016
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    Teamspeak Rules
    TS3 IP: ts.minetime.com

    Keep any offensive language to a minimum.

    Cursing is allowed to a certain extent, just don't abuse it.
    Exceptions can be if you are in someone's private channel

    and they ask to not to curse, etc.

    No spamming clients or channels.

    Things include, but aren't limited to;
    - Poke spamming
    - Spamming a text chat
    - Leaving and re-joining channels
    - Spamming chat

    No advertising other TS/Minecraft servers.

    This is prohibited, but you are allowed to give friends an
    IP to another server if you want to join it and play together,
    just do not openly advertise it.

    No disrespecting/harassing other members.

    This includes channel names/client usernames,
    anything directly targeting another member is not tolerated.

    No playing music outside of music channels.

    Although playing it in your own private room is ok.

    No inappropriate disconnect messages.

    This includes language, racism, offensive things, etc.

    No threatening other members.
    This includes any form of threatening, this is not tolerated whatsoever.

    No discussing DDoSing/Doxing/etc.

    This is not needed on our Teamspeak server;
    discuss it in your own privacy.

    No trolling.

    This includes things such as impersonating
    staff with (example: [TS Mod]) in front of your name.
    Other forums of trolling would be to purposeful
    manipulate someone with false facts.

    No inappropriate links.

    This includes, but it not limited to;
    - Pornographic links
    - IP Grabbers
    - Screamer links
    - Scamming sites

    No inappropriate avatars/channel names

    Keep avatars child friendly.

    No voice changers

    This includes inside and outside private channels, this is annoying to members and is not allowed.

    No using inappropriate kick messages

    When kicking members out of your private channels, please do not use inappropriate messages.
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