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Staff Report Infomation [Read Before Posting]

Discussion in 'Reports' started by Chipemunk, Sep 24, 2017.

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    Staff Reports

    Here is the template you should follow when reporting a staff member:

    • Your in-game name:
    • Staff member's in-game name:
    • A description of what rule they broke & how they broke it:
    • Evidence:

    Post your staff report here: https://www.minetime.com/forums/staff-reports.74/create-thread

    Please read the following before reporting a staff member:

    You are as a player entitled to report a staff member if you believe they are breaking a rule that they should not as a staff member, these include:

    Here are the rules that you are expected to follow when reporting a staff member:

    Always respect the staff member you are reporting in your staff report and they will respect you, it works both ways. Let them say their side to the story and don't jump to conclusions, be considerate of the staff member's point of view.

    Do not report a staff member and throw accusations without solid proof to back you up of what you are reporting them for.

    Do not report a staff member based on a personal grudge or disliking against that staff member they have to have actually done something wrong.

    Do not report a staff member for inactivity. This up to administrators and not up to you as a player. Administrator know and are aware of who are active and not active. A staff member may have a valid reason for their inactivity it is not up to you to comment on that. If you feel like a staff member can improve on something, such as activity, then feel free to tell them that constructively.

    Do not ever create fake reports, it is unacceptable and punishable if you do. How would you like it if someone falsely claimed that you did something wrong to get you demoted/punished. It just creates unnecessary stress and drama. You should always think twice about authenticity of your report.

    Do not create reports publicly if you have an issue with a staff member do it in the correct forums for staff reports, there is no need to publicly humiliate the staff member.

    Ask yourself before reporting the staff member is this staff member genuinely abusing or breaking a rule. Or could this issue be sorted in a ban appeal or pm.

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