Og here, here's my story.

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    Hey Guys.
    I started playing Minetime in 2014 when they had that Towny server/portal thing. Agh that server was A M A Z I N G!! When that section of the server closed down i quickly jumped to the portal right next to it, Creative Server. I still remember being so overwhelmed by the hectic chat, fantastic builds and the... roleplays. Apart from the cringey Winter High roleplay plot, and devastating overnight griefers, Minetime was an amazing community. During that period of my life I was quite lost and I really needed a home to belong to, a group of people just like me. That's when i found the build community. I was relatively new and soon picked up on their likes and dislikes. This was the first time in my life i belonged somewhere. I started building and adapting to my own style and was pretty good at it. I eventually applied to the build team, and then BAM the server died and everyone else with it. But i didn't get to mourn that loss, i was growing up so fast and i just accepted that Minetime was a thing of my childhood. The server was a community i miss it to this day. I even met up with a friend from the server IRL and she was my best friend for 2 years until she moved away.
    I'm 16 now and i feel like the days of my playiing onn this server was a lifetime ago.
    My Usernames over the years were prittyprinses, Pretty_Chibi and kemmetchibeh and kayzea.
    If we met please dm on insta: _kayzea_.
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    ew you were a creative ***. imo they were the furries of minetime. empires moved to minehut.com fyi
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    Forum revival 2020

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