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Minetime Prison 3.0

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Bman, Feb 10, 2021.

  1. Bman


    Sep 29, 2013
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    Hello everyone,

    Welcome to the next Prison reset! This Prison reset will hopefully revolutionize how you play the game so please read this carefully as it will help outline all of the new features that we have in place. A special thanks to @Popmop for immensely assisting with setting up the gamemode.

    Updating to 1.16.5
    The server has been fully updated to 1.16.5!

    Minecraft 1.8 was initially released in 2014. Like many other servers, we have refrained from updating due to the obvious changes to combat mechanics. So much has changed about Minecraft as a whole in the last 7 years that we have finally decided to update to 1.16.5. Furthermore, Mojang has begun prioritizing on performance optimization in these latest updates. We understand this change will certainly not be for everyone, but we must grow and change. We will still permit versions to connect all the way down to 1.8. However, opting to use the non-recommended server version may result in poor client performance, lag and frankly, the map looks horrible in 1.8.

    With this update, combat mechanics will slightly change. We are using a plugin called "OldCombatMechanics" which disables the hit cooldown on pvp.

    • Ability to duel wield.
    • Shields can be used.
    • Arrows with potion effects
    • Totems of Undying
    • Tridents
    • Elytras
    • End Crystal
    • Respawn Anchors
    • Netherite
    New Map
    With the update to 1.16, the Build Team were able to utilize many of the new blocks. Inspired by past maps, you will find this map with a similar layout. We HIGHLY recommend using 1.16+ to see the build in its true beauty.

    We've made some changes to our donator rank perks. You can find some of the modifications here.

    • Donor Mines: Donators have access to mines that have mineral bonuses and boosted potion effects. They can be accessed using /warp donor[letter]-mine.
    • Donor Smeltery: Donators can visit /warp donorsmelt to access premium smelting rooms that have blast furnaces which smelt ores faster than normal furnaces.
    • All players now have /block: Using /block ingot will convert all minerals in your inventory into blocks. Likewise, /block plants will convert wheat, melon slices and netherwart into blocks. Finally /block materials will convert any other item into their block equivalents.
    • For a full list of donator perks visit /warp donate or type /donate ingame.

    We are re-introducing cells in a new form called Dungeons. Based on community feedback, we have made these dungeons expensive and extremely scarce. The specifics can be found in the spoiler.

    • Visit /warp dungeons to access them.
    • Right click a [Rent] sign to purchase it for 1 day for the specified price.
    • You can extend the rent for a maximum of 7 days. At which point, you will have to vacate the cell. We have opted to impose this limit so that we can make them more accessible to active players.
    • All Dungeon owner and members are able to create ShopChest signs to sell items (see /shop help for more info).
    • As a dungeon owner, you can add members to your dungeon with /dungeontrust [player].
    • Remove members from your dungeon with /dungeonuntrust [player].
    • Rent a dungeon you're standing in with /rentdungeon and unrent with /unrentdungeon [name].

    Factions Top
    To make the gamemode more competitive, we will now be giving the top three factions at the end of a season three different prizes. We have yet to decide whether they'll be direct paypal payouts or be the equivalent to the value of said prize. We can guarantee that they will NOT be webstore coupons.

    1st place: $750
    2nd Place : $500
    3rd Place: $250

    Please be sure to read the Factions Top rules below.

    • A maximum of one side of spawn claims in each world is permitted. This means, your faction is allowed to have 1 full side in the freeworld claimed at spawn and 1 full side in the end world claimed at spawn. Factions caught breaking this rule will have excess claims given away. Your faction leader will be compensated. Flagrant disregard will result in loss of all spawn claims and the faction leader fined $1,000,000.
    • Having more than two alts in your faction is also not permitted. For example, if you can have your main account (e.g xBMAN) with two alts (e.g xBMAN2 and xBMAN3) accompanying them in the faction. Other players who join your faction will also be able to have up to two alts. Those who are caught having more than two alts per player in each faction will have their excess alts banned and the faction leader fined $5,000,000.
    • You may only participate in one faction. You are not allowed to be a part of one faction on your main and an alternate faction on another alt if those factions end up finishing in the top three places. These prizes weren't designed for you to hog. Failure to respect this rule will result in forfeiture of winnings.
    • Any DoXing, DDoSing, Account Hijacking, or threatening to do any of these activities, through any of Minetime's platforms, including on Discord, will result in a permanent ban.
    • Unlike most other faction/prison servers that do these payouts, we do not have specific rules on raiding. Any faction is permitted to raid another faction at any time through any method (insiding, overclaiming, cannoing, etc.).
    • Builders and Helpers are permitted to participate in Factions Top. Moderators and higher are not.
    • If a player, who is a part of the top three factions is banned at the time of FactionsTop being paid out AND is (a) a leader (b) a co-leader will result in their faction forfeiting their winnings and the next faction in the rankings to be given your reward.
    • Flagrant disregard to staff and the rules can result in your faction forfeiting the winnings. The staff and the rules are there to maintain fair play and respect; if you cannot reciprocate these principles, then you risk forfeiting your winnings.
    These rules are subject to change at any point during the season subject to 24 hour notice via an announcement in Discord.

    The Nether & Netherite
    The biggest change in 1.16 is the introduction of netherite. In Prison, netherite is a very scarce and highly sought after resource. It is for that reason that 1 netherite ingot sells for $2500. Once a player reaches the rank of Veteran, they can access the Nether World. The nether is 2500x2500 blocks, with no faction being able to claim the land. The entire purpose of the nether is to give players the ability to mine ancient debris. We've kept the border small so that players remain in a concentrated area. Additionally, the nether roof has been disabled.

    Once you reach Kingpin rank, you can mine at /warp kingpin-mine. The kingpin mine has obsidian with a very rare chance of spawning ancient debris or even more rare chance, a netherite block. This mine also has pvp enabled.

    The point is: netherite is rare. You can really only obtain it through these two methods, as you can only sell it at the shop. Because of the way we set up Dungeons, players might find a very profitable business in selling netherite in a shop in their dungeon.

    And More!
    Here is a list of more changes we've made.
    • The free world and prison world are in the same world.
    • Boats are enabled.
    • Shulkers only work in the nether and end.
    • Sellwands added to crates.
    • Gen buckets added to crates and shop.
    • EpicSpawners added. Spawners can now be upgraded for unique bonuses.
    • EpicHoppers added. Hoppers can now be upgraded for unique bonuses.
    • New anticheat. We've added NoCheatPlus back. We think it will make combat much better than our previous anticheat.
    • Donator kit overhaul.
    • Better bonuses in donor-mines.
    • Donor-only smelting which includes blast furnances, a new furnance which makes smelting very fast.
    • Crates updated. We've made crates sound and look all around cooler.
    • Added a new "Armor" crate.
    • Added a purchasable "Black Market" crate at the black market.
    • Added a purchasable "Food" crate at the bar.
    • Added a much more relevant and useful /help.
    • Added /duel so you can 1v1 each other in a standardized match.
    • In addition, we now have three duel arenas that will be used for future pvp tournaments.
    • Prestiges modified. Prestiges still cost $100,000,000 each, but this time we've added both /kit prestige and /kit prestige-master, respectively. We've also added one prestige so the final prestige is 11 (XI).
    • TokenEnchant added. You can win MTTE Tokens from crates. MTTETokens allow you to enchant your items for tokens as opposed to XP levels. Type /tokens for more info.
    • ObsidianDestroyer added. Obsidian still has the same durability as before (15 durability, regenerates ever half hour, coating in water will absorb 20% of all explosions). Netherite is indestructible.
    • Updated mcMMO to version 2.0.
    • Added a KoTH in atrium that actually works.
    • Added a Drugs plugin for Prestige ranks.
    • Added a /trails menu for donators.
    March 5 2021​

    We hope that this reset will last until May, serving as a "beta-test" for a summer 2021 reset where we can optimize the problems now.

    We look forward to sharing this awesome gamemode with the community! If you have any questions, feel free to continue the discussion below or on the Discord!

    - Bman and the Minetime Staff

    P.S: Special thanks to all the staff and players who participated in testing--you were an immense help!

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  2. QueenofAmazing

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    Sep 29, 2013
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    Wooo! So excited
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  3. Xavier

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    Sep 7, 2014
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    Nice! I can’t wait!
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  4. Vem

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    May 18, 2020
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    **** okay. Maybe I should give this one a solid try
    Excited to see how all this is going to unfold, and how it's gonna impact the server
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  5. RealNickonator

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    Sep 26, 2013
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    Wow that’s a pretty map
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    Jan 16, 2021
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    Can't wait!
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    Hmm that's exciting. ;)
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  9. Noahnda

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    Dec 31, 2020
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    This is going to be an exciting reset. Hats off to all of those who contributed to getting this project to a production-ready level. I think it is fair to say that some fierce competition will be present post reset as factions compete to be the best. Regardless, The Vault will emerge victoriously. :evilgrin:
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    Facts :D

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