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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by TheFrikinAsian, Oct 3, 2020.

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    I'm unsure which version the server runs on, but I would assume at least 1.14. There are plenty of blocks we do not have access to on the Lost Islands gamemode. I know there are many other updates the gamemode needs before more blocks, but here is the list.

    - The new workbenches (esp Stone Cutter)

    - Granite (Polished and various crafted blocks)
    - Diorite (Polished and various crafted blocks)
    - Andersite (Polished and various crafted blocks)
    - All variations of Stone crafted blocks
    -Cracked Stone Brick and Mossy Stone Brick (and various crafted blocks)
    - End Stone (and various crafted blocks)

    - Coarse Dirt (Maybe a sort of trade system with Dirt, one for one?)
    - Podzol
    - Pathway Blocks

    - All full Wood block variations
    - All Stripped Logs and Wood block variations
    - Red Sand (and various crafted blocks)
    - Sponge
    - Concrete, or Powder to make into

    - Enable Magma Block collection or sell in Shop
    - Coral Blocks or Coral to craft into

    - Cheaper access to Clay Balls, to get to Terracotta.
    - Cheaper access to Prismarine

    Maybe the Stone blocks could be made a /kit? Could sell well.
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    idk what this is but its a post so support

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