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    1) No discussion of, cheats or glitches of any kind. If you find a glitch or exploit, please P.M. a staff member about it.
    2) Do not spam the forum, you will be at the least temp banned.
    3) Do not link other users to jump scare sites, sites that contain pornography, or sites that features racism or other inappropriate content.
    4) Do not bully or intimidate other users, this is a friendly community.
    5) Do not advertise other servers or forums, your post will be deleted and you will be perm-banned.
    6) Do not disrespect staff or other users.
    7) Do not make more than one account, any extra accounts will be removed.
    8) Do not discuss the trading of real-world items on this forum. Just in-game items and currency.
    9) Rate posts appropriately (don't abuse the rating system).
    10) Please keep avatars and cover photos appropriate.
    11) Please do not "post spam" to raise your count. If you have to add something to the original, just edit it rather than posting the edit.
    12) Do not bump old threads. The thread will get locked and you will be punished if you continue.
    13) You may apply for helper once a month. Do not post multiple applications in one month, they will be locked and moved to application archives.
    14) Do not use profane language.
    15) If your application is moved to archives, you were not accepted and should wait at least one month after your last application to apply again.

    If you see anyone break these rules, press the report button next to their post and a staff member will deal with the issue.
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