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[Complete] $100,000,000 Giveaway

Discussion in 'Prison' started by PwnrdViaMCNerd, Dec 27, 2013.

  1. In the holiday spirit I'm going to give away $10,000,000 to 10 people sometime in the next week. If you want to be one of the lucky ten people leave a comment saying why you should be chosen. If less than ten people comment the $100,000,000 will be evenly distributed amongst the commenters.


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  2. asian98615

    asian98615 Member

    Because I work hard, and struggle to keep a secure base. Plus, I've donated money to multiple people to help get them out of D-Rank! Winning this would be awesome! :D
  3. NuggetsGamertag

    NuggetsGamertag Notable Member

    So I can have 10mil more then I have now?
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  4. SmileyMc

    SmileyMc Member

    Nice, 10 mil to 10 people sounds great, id enjoy 10 mil for sure who wouldnt id simply pass it on though to others as i do so already but i still make people work for there money never give for free...1m for 1 wood block is fair i think
  5. I would like 10 million please , it would be a pleassure , Regards ChrisChristides CEO
  6. alkon7

    alkon7 Notable Member

    Because the prison server is server, which I play 2 most of the time, and because I want to rankup to Veteran,
  7. Pixel_

    Pixel_ Notable Member

    I want to win because prison is my favourite server. I need to improve my base and buy some spawners.
  8. Snowball7241

    Snowball7241 Member

    My faction is failing badly and we need some money to buy spawners to level up our swords and axes
  9. Snowball7241

    Snowball7241 Member

    And also I have some friends IRL that I would like to get out of the prison and into our faction!
  10. QueenofAmazing

    QueenofAmazing Dedicated Minetimer

    My IGN is QueenofAmazing, I would like the 10mil because I am veteran and I am working really hard to rankup to Legend. I have a meer 1mil, and the sight of me getting legend is nowhere near. This would greatly benefit my hopes of becoming legend. Thank you for your time for reading this!
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2013
  11. JPCVx

    JPCVx Dedicated Minetimer

    I would like to receive the 10 million dollars because I'm a devoted prison player, but my Faction is having some troubles with our nether wart farm and my money income has become very low :( I'm 12 million away from Legend and the farm usually makes 5 million but somebody decided to grief our farm. It would be an honor if you would pick me! :D
  12. hasan moetakef

    hasan moetakef Dedicated Minetimer

    i want 10 mill because ive been saving up from a no rank and i have 18,000,000 dollars and if i win i will need only 2,000,000 dollars to go
  13. dog_lover33

    dog_lover33 Member

    Is this really true?
  14. Jaeslayer

    Jaeslayer Member

    I want it because i dont need it.
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  15. QueenofAmazing

    QueenofAmazing Dedicated Minetimer

  16. i need 10mil because a dude blew up 12 stacks of my obsidian and a lot of soul sand :(. i cant get my nether wart farm back up, and i money is fun! :)
  17. Jazzie223

    Jazzie223 Member

    My factions have been raided 3 times and ive only been free for 2 days also i gave many people rank ups My name is Jazzie223 and that would get me the next rank immediatly
    and now we have been raided 7 or 8 times
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2014
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  18. snaker132

    snaker132 Member

    I would Like to win the 10mil, It would help me recover from a massive raid that happened to my faction awhile ago. Plus It would get me closer to becoming a legend, and I could help out some of my old faction members and friends.
  19. enjoi295

    enjoi295 Member

    Nope, I should be chosen because I could really use that $ to buy obby. If I do win I promise to give $1 million away! I myself have at least giving away 1.3 million towards many D and B prisoners.
  20. ksawery4

    ksawery4 Member

    I want it cause i only need 1,000,000 for a rank that i have been saving up for over 2 years!
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