[07.18.20] An Update

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    [07-18-20] - An Update

    Hey there Minetimers!

    Since Minetime’s return on May 15th, we’ve made several crucial changes that we would like to update you on. As noted here, the initial goal of the May 15th release was to get the server functioning; there were several features missing. And it seems that some users still talk about issues still broken that are in fact fixed.

    Here are the following changes that we have made since then:


    Pets now travel cross-server.
    AntiCheat is now less strict.
    [email protected] is now functional.
    Patches to multiple crash exploits.
    Rank perks adjusted to match the webstore.
    Art for the webstore added.
    Updated to 1.16/1.16.1.


    - Added and fixed up /ftop.
    /ftop values are calculated every hour. The value of each block is determined using the sell prices from /warp shop.

    - Added /coinflip. You can do a coin flip bet with other players. The winner will receive 85% of the funds (If the bet is $500,000, you will get $850,000 as the winner - this is because there is a 15% tax).

    - Added faction member limit to 20. This is to limit the amount of alts players use.
    - Maximum f-top power increased from 10 to 20.
    - End World has been extended from 3k to 5k blocks.
    - Added Golden Apples to the Black Market - 32 for $1.5 million
    - Added barriers next to the prison lobby portal due to players getting stuck in a loop.
    - Splash potions are now allowed in PvP areas.
    - Maximum price for the auction house has been increased.
    - Hopper amounts per tick adjusted.
    - McMMO levels to crates added.

    - /f map is now adjusted:
    Previous dimensions: 17x29
    New dimensions: 10x25

    - /feed, /fix among other commands will work in combat.
    - Vaults have been added to ranks.
    Premium - MVP = 1x
    Executive - CEO = 2x
    Epic = 3x
    Timeless = 4x

    - Fixed donator sethomes.
    Premium - Enhanced = 2x
    VIP - MVP = 3x
    Executive - CEO = 4x
    Epic = 5x
    Timeless = 7x

    - Fixed McMMO multipliers
    Premium - VIP = default
    MVP - CEO = 2x (double)
    Epic = 3x (triple)
    Timeless = 4x (quadruple)

    - Obsidian Destroyer recoded and added.
    Obsidian has 15 durability. Every 20 minutes however, Obsidian will regenerate its durability back up to 100%. TNT causes 1 damage in durability. Creeper eggs cause 5. Enderchests and Enchantment Tables also take damage. With less of a durability than Obsidian.

    - Coating your base in a liquid [water or lava] will have a 20% chance of absorbing the explosion (not damaging an obsidian’s durability). It is recommended that if you want to make a raid-proof base, you coat your base with multiple levels of water, as when a water block absorbs the blast, the source will be destroyed.

    - Spawners have been added back to the shop. With their prices adjusted.
    All spawners that were purchased from the initial exploit stored in inventories, echests, vaults, and world chests were removed.

    - Added /fly mode for Epic +. Fly mode will get disabled in combat however.
    - All kits have been adjusted.
    - Removed death message spam.
    - Fixed VoteParty rewards.

    - Added Booster category.
    - Added Booster rewards:
    1 Boost: Access to Booster Role + Booster category. (Ability to post files and links)
    2 Boosts: Custom Name Colour

    [Going Forward]
    As we continue to make changes to our existing gamemodes, there is currently a plan to release Lost Islands and a Minetime Anarchy server.

    The Minetime Staff Team
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    Woooooohoooooo!!!!!! Long awaited Noobcrew and the staff team, thanks so much! HYPED! After hours of gameplay these small quick fixes/adds have made gameplay so much better. Maybe YoureMySalvati0n can get his custom prefix soon too! #minetime2020 #noobcrew #hype
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    Heck yeah thanks for the update Bman <3 #MinetimeRevival2020 in full swing <333
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    Why are you guys still here go get jobs and have kids
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    I'm so glad to see Bman putting this much effort into Minetime. For many of us, this server has been our safe space.

    It is unreal to see Bman still active.
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    Look at minetime man, so inspirational

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